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About Us

ECI's activities focus on owning, building and operating tire recycling and high value specialty chemical manufacturing plants across North America and South America. To date, we have identified 19 locations in North America where an ECI plant is viable and highly profitable. ECI has proven that it can create an attractive financial return on recycling scrap tires in comparison to current recycling alternatives such as tire derived aggregates, crumb rubber and most particularly high GHG emitting tire-derived fuel.

ECI's commercially proven technology converts scrap tires into oil, gas, steel and carbon and then upgrades the carbon to a high-value mercury sorbent. ECI's conversion is highly efficient as it employs an automated 24/7, patented recycling process which is currently in use at a production facility owned by a major ECI stakeholder. ECI initially plans to build 10 of these plants in North America over the next five years before expanding to South America and the European Union. Twinned with these recycling plants will be tire derived carbon activation lines implementing a patented upgrade process. This process converts the recycled tire carbon into powdered activated carbon for use as a mercury sorbent for industrial emissions applications. Because tire recycling is a regional business the company plans to build plants where sufficient scrap tires are available and in proximity to our major customers which operate power generating units, cement manufacturing facilities and industrial boilers.

ECI's highly effective mercury sorbent is used by customers to meet newly promulgated EPA mercury emissions regulations. As ECI uses as its feedstock scrap tires which are subsidized by the payment of a tipping fee, it has a competitive advantage versus its competition that typically use virgin lignite or coal which must be mined and shipped to their production facilities. Additionally, where ECI's competition use significant amounts of energy to pulverize the coal/lignite and then to carbonize and activate it, ECI uses the free syngas (effectively a high caloric value natural gas), released during the processing of the tires to produce its tire derived carbon and activate it. Finally, excess syngas and recovered heat is used to generate green power for sale to the grid.

Our plants are powered by green energy.

ECI's upgrade process doesn't stop there. ECI is also developing a high value oil-field chemical from the recycled tire oil. While the oil can be sold as a recycled fuel oil, it has been extensively tested as an oilfield production enhancer, as a pipeline diluent and as a sludge remediation solution. All these uses are possible because of tire oil's proven efficacy as a very potent solvent which enhances viscosity and remediates paraffin and asphaltene buildups. ECI's oilfield solutions displace the use of competitor's products manufactured from more expensive and virgin hydrocarbon feedstock.

All of our products are green and renewable.

In summary, ECI manufactures highly effective, high value products that generate more revenue per tire processed than any other tire recycling process known to ECI.

ECI's products are all Triple GreenTM, as they are:

  • Manufactured with recycled, renewable, subsidized, non-virgin feedstock to achieve lower costs;
  • Manufactured using green-power generated from the recycled syngas produced during the pyrolysis process to achieve sustainability; and,
  • Manufactured using lower GHG emission processes in comparison to competitive products.