EcoCarbon Innovations EcoSOLV


ECI is developing a high value oil-field chemical from it's recycled oil. While tire oil can be sold as a recycled fuel oil, it has been extensively tested in the following higher-value applications:

  • Down hole enhanced oil recovery which restarts or increases production that is hindered by paraffin and/or asphaltene.
  • Raising the API gravity while reducing the pour point, the viscosity and density of heavy oils for highly improved pipeline transportation.
  • Re-liquefying, or remediating, petroleum based sludge, sediments and solids, and removing built-up paraffin and asphaltene from flow lines, as well as the bottom of transport vessels.

This product line has been tested in various laboratory and field tests and in several cases has shown a quantum improvement versus existing solutions. It is anticipated that this product will be released after the completion of construction of our first North American plant.