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If you are new to the process of vapor phase mercury removal by activated carbon injection, please see our FAQ here.

Eco-PAC-S® is a patented mercury sorbent that assists boiler and furnace operators in meeting the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) regulations. Developed in part with funding and assistance from the Department of Energy (DOE), EcoPAC-S® is the only powdered activated carbon (PAC) mercury sorbent that is not manufactured from virgin carbon feedstock. ECI manufactures its EcoPAC-S® from carbon that is extracted from scrap tires in a patented process developed over the last ten years. EcoPAC-S® is a highly effective, natively impregnated powdered activated carbon, for vapor phase mercury removal through the activated carbon injection process.

Why Use EcoPAC-S®?


Manufactured from scrap tires through a patented process, developed in part with funding from the DOE, EcoPAC-S is the only PAC that does not use a virgin carbon feedstock. As a result, ECI's cost structure is much lower than any other PAC supplier's costs. Where possible we will share this advantage with our customers.


As ECI's feedstock is recycled its downstream GHG emissions are very low. Not so with lignite or coal (the feedstock of choice in the industry) that have significant downstream GHG emission rates from the mining and transport of this feedstock to the PAC manufacturer. And these emissions are further compounded by emissions resulting from the production of power consumed to pulverize the feedstock and to carbonize it prior to activation.


Actual performance of any mercury sorbent depends on several factors and will vary from unit to unit and even within the same unit at different temperatures and operating rates. So the best measure of a mercury sorbent's performance is to run a test. EcoPAC-S® has however been tested against a leading PAC and these tests substantiate the highly effective nature of EcoPAC-S®.

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